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We love Kenyan peaberries. And this one is a very good example of why. The round shape of a peaberry seed often turns into a rounder, and softer cup flavors as well. Rhubarb, currant juice, black tea, and floral are some of the elements you can find in the cup with Kii PB.

We recommend this coffee for filter coffee, pour-over, AeroPress, French press.

Flavor notes Rhubarb, currant juice, black tea, floral
Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya 
Producer: Rungeto Coffee Factory 
Farm: Multiple small farms
Variety: SL28 & 34 
Processing: Washed 
Altitude: 1600-1800 masl
Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source
Beginning of the relationship: 2020
FOB: 10,08$/kg


This Kenyan Peaberry comes from Coffee Factory called Kii. It’s a part of the Rungeto Cooperative Society that combines more than 500 small coffee farmers. Rungeto, like most of the cooperatives, is run democratically with all of its smallholders being able to vote for their representatives. Rungeto invests also in developing surrounding communities like for example building a dairy cooling plant and fuel station to create new jobs and additional income for the coffee farmers.

Peaberry is a natural mutation that causes the fruit to form one round seed instead of two seeds with one flat side. In specialty coffee, peaberries are often separated and hand-sorted to create nano lots. Only around 5% of the world's coffee is classified as peaberry. 

This coffee is made with love from the very beginning in order to bring you joy. 
We hope you enjoy it.

Please keep in mind that our roast day is Monday. All orders received before Monday 10.00 will be shipped at the latest on Wednesday. 

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Kenya - Kii PB
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