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We love Kenyan peaberries. And this one is a very good example of why. The round shape of a peaberry seed often turns into rounder, and softer cup flavors as well. Black tea, red currants, rosehip, and red grapes are some of the elements you can find in the cup with Ichamara PB.

Flavor notes: Red currant, rosehip, black tea, red grape
Origin: Nyeri County, Kenya 
Producer: Ichamara Coffee Factory 
Farm: Multiple small farms
Variety: SL28 & 34 
Processing: Washed 
Altitude: 1500-2300 masl
Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source
Beginning of the relationship: 2019
FOB: 6,06$/kg


Ichamara is a washing station or a "coffee factory" like the locals like to say, in Nyeri region in the Central Highlands of Kenya. It's operated by Gikaru Farmer's Cooperative that buys and processes cherry from the local farmer community. Kenyan coffee market is auction-based and cherry price directly linked to the cup quality. The stations our importer the Collaborative Coffee Source works with pride themselves on paying their farmer community some of the highest coffee cherry prices in the country. 

Peaberry is a natural mutation that causes the fruit to form one round seed instead of two seeds with one flat side. In specialty coffee, peaberries are often separated and hand-sorted to create nano lots. Only around 5% of the world's coffee is classified as peaberry. 

We find that these beans extremely complex in flavor and a pleasure to roast because of the high density and uniformity. The Kenyan peaberries we like to work with pack high sweetness, tactile mouthfeel and sparkling acidity with a berrylike and floral cup. 

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Kenya - Ichamara PB
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