Ethiopia - Teshome Gemechu


Teshome Gemechu is the washing station behind this exceptionally clean, sweet, and floral coffee. Grown indigenously on the hills of Hambela in the famous Guji region this coffee works beautifully on all brewing methods.

We recommend this coffee for filter coffee, espresso, pour-over, AeroPress, French press.

Flavor notes: Peach, elderflower, mandarin, and lemon soda
Origin: Hambela, Guji
Producer: Teshome Gemechu Co-operation
Farm: Multiple small farms
Variety: Guji Heirloom
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1800-1960 masl
Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source
Beginning of the relationship: 2019
FOB: 7,28$/kg


Teshome Gemechu is situated in Hambela, the famous Guji region. It's a partner station of SNAP COFFEE, a quality- and a sustainability-driven exporting company investing heavily in farmer education and environmentally friendly farming methods. These investments are imperative to support the economic and social well being of the small farmer community selling their coffee cherry to the stations. Support on plant and soil care, uniform picking, sorting, etc. have a direct impact on coffee quality and, when working with a reliable partner, income. SNAP invests in waste recycling systems and aims to have all of its coffee certified organic by 2021.

The cultivar called Heirloom in Ethiopian specialty coffee refers to old arabica varieties of Typica, Bourbon, etc. growing both wild and farmed around the country. Many times farmers have their own name for the trees they cultivate or harvest from.


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