Ethiopia - Tabe Burka


This dreamy fully washed mix of Ethiopian heirloom varieties bosts with flavors of aromatic wild honey, sweet and juicy cantaloupe, and fragrant magnolia.

It's cultivated by around 300 smallholder farmers delivering their coffee to Tabe Burka washing station in Uraga, Guji founded by Mr. Tadesse Edema. Mr. Edema comes from a huge family with a long history of producing, processing, and cultivating coffee.


We recommend this coffee for filter coffee, espresso, pour-over, AeroPress, French press, Moka pot.
Flavor notes: Honey, cantaloupe, magnolia, nougat
Origin: Uraga, Guji
Producer: Tabe Burka
Variety: Mixed Ethiopian heirlooms
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1850-2000 masl
Importer: Belco 
Beginning of the relationship: 2020
FOB: 8,02$/kg


As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia bosts with a huge variety of Arabica coffees that grow wild in the indigenous forests. With most of the Ethiopian coffee farmers also being smallholders with only a few hectares of land the coffee trees are free to grow with no chemical fertilizer or pesticide use. Coffee is also almost entirely cultivated, harvested, and dried using manual systems. All the coffee to Tabe Burka washing station comes from ~300 smallholder farmers with each approximately 3 hectares of land where they cultivate a variety of different plants besides their coffee crops. 

Our sourcing partner for Ethiopia, Belco Coffee, runs a project called Forest Coffee led by Delphine Ayerbe and Jacques Chambrillon. The project focuses on coffees grown in high-altitude, primary forest habitats that are extremely rare and fragile ecosystems. Farmers who live next to their indigenous arabica trees are under economic pressure and therefore, so are the forests they cultivate in. Belco collaborates with farmers by studying farm ecosystems, advising on processing and farming methods, and spreading knowledge of forest-grown coffee. 
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