Burundi - Nzove

Flavor notes: Rooibos, strawberry, lavender, mango
Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
Producer: Long Miles Coffee Project 
Farmer: 231 smallholder farmers
Variety: Bourbon 
Processing: Natural 
Altitude: 1670 masl
Importer: Direct trade
Beginning of the relationship: 2016

Our friends from Long Miles Coffee Project, Burundi are bringing you a real treat once again and it's hitting all the right spots. Notes of rooibos, fresh strawberries, lavender, and sweet mango make this coffee the ultimate summer brew for all methods. 

We recommend this coffee for filter coffee, pour-over, AeroPress, French press, Moka-pot, espresso.


Even before starting Populus Coffee, we knew we wanted to work together with the Long Miles Coffee Project. And ever since the beginning, all our coffees from Burundi have come from this wonderful farmer-focused initiative that aims to bring smallholder farmers and roasters closer together in order to better the quality of coffee and more importantly the life of the Burundian coffee farmers. Neither of these is an easy task to take on by any account. Growing specialty coffee requires a lot of labor, care, and knowledge in all countries but when you combine that with the unstable political situation, highly regulated and bureaucratic coffee market, geographical constraints coming from being a landlocked country attempting to export coffee by sea freight and of course the constant threat of military coup the job can seem next to impossible. With hard work and a great group of people involved Long Miles has found a way to establish themselves as producers and exporters of consistently extraordinary coffees.

This year has been a particularly problematic year due to the low yields and the political flare-ups leading to logistical problems in every stage of the production. Due to these extra difficulties, Long Miles has reached a bit farther than usual and started working with farmers from Nzove Hill for example. 

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Burundi - Nzove
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