Brazil - Bob-o-Link
from €13,50
Brazil - Bob-o-Link
We are happy to represent the Bob-o-Link project from Mococa, Brazil. This yellow Bourbon is a real crowd-pleaser with its ease of brewing and drinking. With flavor notes that combine the fruity notes of pineapples and mandarines to sweet notes...
from €13,50
Honduras - Gerardo Moreno
Moreno family is back on the menu and we are super happy to present this wonderful Pacas by Gerardo Moreno. With flavor notes of cherries, rose blossom, dry cider, and pear this coffee is the perfect fit for any summer day. Flavor notes: Cherry, Rose blossom,...
Ethiopia - Nizamu Abamecha
Nizamu Abamecha from Ethiopia is the man behind this delightfully fruity and complex natural-processed, aromatic fruit bomb. With flavors of apricots, blackberries, bergamot, strawberries, and black tea, this coffee makes hugs in mugs with all brewing methods. Our relationship with...
from €14,50
El Salvador - Ruffatti Batlle
This honey processed Bourbon from the Ruffatti-Batlle family has beautiful vibrant acidity with sparkling rhubarb, sweet tartness of berry crumble, and deep dark cacao flavors this coffee is bound to bring a smile to your face. We recommend this coffee for filter coffee,...
Colombia - El Mirador
This sweet, fruity, and funky natural processed Castillo comes from Cerro Azul Paramo, Colombia, and is produced by Jose Luis Blanco Abril. With notes of passion fruit, persimmon, banana, and sweet candylike flavors this coffee is a perfect choice for...
Burundi - Heza FFS
Burundi is back on the menu. And as always our Burundi comes from the one and only Long Miles Coffee Project. This time from their project called Farmer Field School (FFS) and their first washing station: Heza. With flavor notes of...
Rwanda - Ngororero UZN
Looking for something extra special? Watermelon, strawberry soda, hibiscus, lollipop, and apricot flavors make this coffee a thing you don't want to pass. As for all our Rwandan coffees, this also comes from Community Coffee Rwanda - a project operated by...
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